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Stevia or Honey or Jaggery Which one is Better?

In an era where people are extremely cautious about their health, nothing has been fought hard as refined sugar. In any fitness track or weight loss program, the first thumb rule is to cut sugar consumption. Claims of people feeling much more energetic, dropping a few pounds, increased metabolism, and improved skin and teeth health are often touted as benefits of dropping sugar altogether. Likewise, people have started shifting to alternatives as getting rid of sugar takes work. That said, which one is better, stevia or honey or jaggery as a refined sugar alternative?

While sugar plays an integral part in most diets, it is often touted as an unhealthy element. This is because the high calories involved are often counterintuitive to people trying to lose weight. Additionally, its high glycemic index contributes greatly to a spike in blood sugar and may lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

Nevertheless, some alternatives are proving to be a worthy replacement as most people look to do away with refined sugar from their diets. That begs the question of which one is better, stevia or honey or Jaggery?


Made from boiling sugar and extracts, jaggery is proving to be a more popular alternative to refined sugar in most countries. The fact that it is more natural and rawer sees it offer more health benefits as opposed to refined sugar. For instance, jaggery is associated with improved immunity and better digestive health.

However, jaggery may not be the best-refined sugar alternative when it comes to people trying to lose or maintain a given weight. Its high-calorie density calls for extra caution for people trying to limit the amount of calorie intake in their bodies. Therefore, there might be better alternatives to refined sugar, despite being raw and natural, given its high-calorie density.


Honey is more natural than refined sugar as it is derived directly from bees. In addition, it tends to be sweeter than jaggery and refined sugar partially because it is mostly made up of fructose. In its purest form, raw honey contains vitamins, and minerals like iron, calcium, and copper, among others.

It is also rich in antioxidants and nutrients, thus an ideal treatment option for coughs and burns. As an antibacterial agent, it is also used to treat wounds and aids in internal cell repair.

The calorie density of honey is relatively low than that of refined sugar and jaggery. Nevertheless, consuming more than three teaspoons of honey daily could pose significant dangers to spiking glycemic levels. As with many sweet things, taking too much honey can result in packing extra weight.


Stevia will always stand out in the stevia or honey or jaggery debate as it has zero calories. Derived from the leaves of stevia plants, it is an ideal alternative for people that want to minimize the number of calories ingested in any given day.

Stevia stands out on sweetening food without adding any negative effects associated with sugar or jaggery. Therefore, for people in a weight loss program or looking to maintain a given weight through diet, Stevia will always be an ideal sugar alternative. It is also an effective sweetening substitute for people with Type 2 Diabetes. It can also help suppress high blood pressure.

Bottom Line

Stevia or honey, or jaggery is a debate that won’t go away as people look for alternatives away from unhealthy refined sugar. But even though they are the best alternatives available, they should also be taken in moderation while trying to lose some weight and stay healthy.

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